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Version Date Description
2017.05.28 2017-05-28  
2015.09.24 2015-09-24  
2015.01.13 2015-01-03  
2013.01.06 2013-01-06 Initial release.

Release 2017.05.28 – 2017-05-28

Type Changes By
Update Bump Maven parent version of com.ziesemer.utils.pom to 2017.05.28. ziesemer

Release 2015.09.24 – 2015-09-24

Type Changes By
Add Support java.util.regex.Pattern and in CommonParser. ziesemer
Add Add ParameterMapMapper, providing support for argument processing from sources other than a String[] of command-line arguments. This is ideal for mapping from (Http)ServletRequest.getParameterMap(), for example. ziesemer
Update Upgrade to Apache Commons CLI 1.3.1. ziesemer

Release 2015.01.13 – 2015-01-03

Type Changes By
Update Update CliRunner.showHelp to write to System.err instead of System.out. ziesemer
Update Bump required Java version to 1.6. ziesemer
Update Bump Maven parent version of com.ziesemer.utils.pom to 2015.01.13. ziesemer
Add Even better JUnit test coverage! ziesemer
Fix Swap CliAnnotationMappingTests and CliParameterGroupsTests contents to match file names and intents. ziesemer
Update Checkstyle improvements. ziesemer

Release 2013.01.06 – 2013-01-06

No changes in this release.